Today, Cigarette Product Development is largely dependent on the proper utilization of advanced leaf blending and processing know-how, and modern manufacturing technology coupled with adequate and progressive quality assurance and sensory testing programs.
It is clear that there is more available technical information on the cigarette design (filter, paper, package, etc.) than on the equally important leaf blending and processing know-how. Also, it is clear that there is much more information on the subject of marketing research than on the equally important sensory testing of cigarette mainstream smoke, the actual product.

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   Use of technical programs to train selected staff... more
Blending & Processing
   Application of chemistry and know-how to leaf blending and
   processing... more
Product Development
   Application of advances in tobacco science and technology
   to development of quality... more
Sensory Testing
   Developing test conditions, test materials, test methods
   and smoking techniques... more
Reduced Risk
  Development of blending and processing techniques to
  make current or new cigarette products “safer”... more

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