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  • Review of leaf inventory grades, current blends and existing leaf processing operation, with emphasis on burley
       casing and toasting chemistry & know-how
  • Assist in establishing joint projects for leaf specialists, tobacco experts and R&D senior staff that can work
       coherently on:
    1. Upgrading a current blend or developing a new one to fill a gap in the market
    2. Improving current processing operation to make it more efficient and cost-effective
  • Implementation of recent advances in leaf blending and processing techniques, including:
    1. New techniques for the burley casing and toasting (heat treatment) to secure the sought-after chemical reactions that generate the desired pack aroma and smoke flavor
    2. New role for reconstituted tobacco, made with paper technology, in reaching the target product in terms of the tobacco rod chemistry and filling value as well as the chemical and sensory properties of the cigarette smoke
    3. New concept for total stems utilization in making recon sheet vs. processing part thereof into CRES

    Establish a new generation of leaf "experts", who can work as a team with the product development staff on a regular basis, whether on current cigarette products or developing new ones

    As required on a case-by-case basis

    Adequate blending and processing facilities, preferably close by or part of the pilot plant

    50 Years of Progress