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Major Areas of Consulting
Tobacco Expertise
Use of technical programs to train selected staff to become leaf specialists followed by advanced training to qualify them as leaf "experts".
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Blending & Processing
Application of chemistry and know-how to leaf blending and processing of cigarettes and other smoking products, including techniques for casing, toasting, drying, cutting, flavoring, etc.  
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Product Development
Application of advances in tobacco science and technology to development of quality American blended cigarettes (ABC) and straight Virginia cigarettes (SVC) as well as pipe-tobacco and molassed (Moassal) products that are cost-effective. This also covers the right inclusion and proper processing of the sub-blends, reconstituted sheet, expanded cut tobacco, cut-rolled expanded stems and the careful selection of the compatible casings and flavorings
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Sensory Testing
Developing test conditions (Smoking Lab), test materials, test methods and smoking techniques as well as developing sensory testing programs for panel selection, panel training, panel calibration and panel use in the evaluation of test cigarettes and other smoking products
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Reduced Risk
Development of blending and processing techniques to make current or new cigarette products "safer", by
reducing the tar, nicotine and harmful compounds, while maintaining acceptable smoking qualities
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