Select and train leaf specialists to qualify as tobacco "experts" and blend masters.
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  • Conducting technical and vocational seminars followed by evaluation to select candidates
  • Establishing training and screening programs to select leaf specialists, using a variety of physical and sensory
       evaluations of leaf types in the Foundation Blend and of the grades within each sub-blend
  • Implementing advanced training and calibration of the leaf specialists to select from among them tobacco
       "experts" who can judge quality and develop target cost-effective blends
  • Developing a coherent team-work, between the highly-trained leaf "experts" and the Product Development staff,
       to jointly work on developing new parameters for leaf blending and processing techniques
  • Target
    An on-going system for selection, training and qualifying candidates to become leaf specialists, tobacco "experts" and, subsequently, blend master(s)  

    As required on a case-by-case basis

    Adequate facilities, including sample room, leaf examination room and preparation area for leaf blending and making of test cigarettes

    50 Years of Progress