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Today, Cigarette Product Development is largely dependent on the proper utilization of advanced leaf blending and processing know-how, and modern manufacturing technology coupled with adequate and progressive quality assurance and sensory testing programs.

It is clear that there is more available technical information on the cigarette design (filter, paper, package, etc.) than on the equally important leaf blending and processing know-how. Also, it is clear that there is much more information on the subject of marketing research than on the equally important sensory testing of cigarette mainstream smoke, the actual product.

With the increasing competition for market share and the growing demand to satisfy the open market economy, some clients require assistance in order to actively develop their own brands of international standard in a timely fashion. With over 35 years of experience in tobacco blending and processing know-how, sensory testing and product development, Fawky Abdallah Company has successfully provided consulting services and technical assistance to over 70 clients in more than 30 countries, including the USA.

We are proud to have earned the confidence of these clients as their provider of unique consulting services. In order to preserve this preferred status for many years to come, we are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our consulting and updating our scope of services in order to enable our clients to acquire the most advanced cigarette technology and know-how.

While we thank our clients for their contributions to our success over the years, we pledge to continue our untiring effort to remain worthy of their trust and confidence.

Fawky M. Abdallah, Ph.D.
50 Years of Progress