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  1. ISSCORP(USA) is managed by a small core of professionals of senior level in Winston-Salem and a carefully selected well-trained staff in each branch.
  2. As an established policy, the senior management encourages creativity and teamwork to generate synergism. Also, the group stresses the importance of monitoring the overhead and conducting the most efficient, cost-effective and transaction-oriented sales operation.
  3. The remunerations of the directors, staff, sales associates and partners are made through a carefully calculated profit-sharing method based on a fair and adequate distribution of the respective net proceeds.
  4. ISSCORP works as an independent contractor but sometimes leverages its business through a strategic alliance or a working arrangement with another firm that is considered a leader in the respective business.
  5. ISSCORP has been operating under two major divisions:
    Tobacco Division: Leaf tobacco supply as well as contract manufacturing and marketing of its own cigarette brand WILSON.
    Marketing Division: Global sales of non-tobacco products and raw materials
50 Years of Progress
A Global Sales and Marketing Organization Since 1986