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The founder of The FMA Group, Dr. Fawky M. Abdallah (FMA), started his career in 1959 with Eastern Company, a subsidiary of the British-American Tobacco Company in Egypt at the time. Dr. Abdallah has been residing in the USA, where he started his technical consulting business in 1970. In 1986, he established Fawky Abdallah Company, Inc., an international consulting firm and ISSCORP(USA), a sales and service corporation. Later, ISSCORP(USA) established two branch offices: ISSCORP(China) and ISSCORP(Egypt), which are collectively called ISSCORP.

ISSCORP expended time, money and effort on establishing a presence in the leading tobacco-growing countries as an independent leaf tobacco supplier. ISSCORP and its branches in China and Egypt have also been actively involved in the sales and marketing of a wide range of other products and raw materials from several countries.

The management and staff of ISSCORP work diligently to keep clients abreast of new methods of sales and marketing as well as new technologies and cost-saving techniques that are developing continuously in the USA. This website gives an overview of the sales and services that ISSCORP has accomplished over the years and is currently in a position to provide clients anywhere.


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