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Major Achievements
Following are the major achievements that ISSCORP accomplished during the course of over 45 years of professional sales and marketing services:

  1. Identified and utilized US export-subsidized programs such as USAID, GSM, FMS, EEP and DEIP to increase the competitive edge of American products and raw materials. RESULT: Arranged first-ever financing of Acrylic Fibers through USAID and built sales of over $10 Million in three years in a Middle Eastern country, which enabled the US to replace Japan as the major supplier. In recognition of this effort, The FMA Group received a commendation from the US Embassy in that country. more
  2. Solved the problem of foreign currency for a client country by arranging a counter-trade transaction through which a leading oil trader up-lifted oil from that country against the supply of steel billets, chemicals and leaf tobacco. RESULT: Concluded over $15 million in sale of tobacco that was previously thought impossible.
  3. Conceptualize a method for calculating the sales value of intangible products and services such as technology and know-how. RESULT: Enabled a major supplier of integrated circuits (IC) to submit quotations for a production line and improved the chance of materializing over $50 million, of which about a third for know-how.
  4. Organized a sales-incentive program for a cigarette manufacturer in Hong Kong that agreed to buy US tobacco against providing technical assistance and know-how for the manufacturing of an American-type blended cigarette named WINNER for the Chinese and export markets. RESULT: For the first time, sales of US tobacco to this client started and reached almost $10 million in a few years.
  5. Visualized the prospects of nighttime warfare at the onset of the Gulf War and sold CYALUME’s chemical-light line of products to the Armed Forces of a Middle Eastern country with financing through the FMS program. RESULT: Over $350,000 worth of lightsticks was airlifted from the US directly to Kuwait, free of charge, to save lives.
  6. Utilized knowledge of cross-cultural differences, consumer preferences and ethnic habits in assisting a New York design house, in the development of new packages, corporate profiles and image-enhancing brochures for the US and overseas clients. RESULT: The designer introduced a new line of package designs for a wide range of consumer products, including three cigarette brands and over 20 different snacks.
  7. Assisted Ernesto Preatoni Immobiliare of Italy and SICOT of Egypt in designing a unique and image-enhancing catalogue to use for sales promotion of Sheikh Coast. RESULT: Completed the formidable task of translating and fine-tuning of the texts as well as selecting and placing the most attractive photos from among hundreds of possibilities. more
  8. Cooperated with two of the leading leaf primary equipment firms in designing and building a state-of-the-art Burley Casing & Toasting Line and developed techniques for utilizing the line to best advantage. RESULT: Clients are being offered the line along with the know-how of using it effectively (allowing for specific amino-sugar chemical reactions to take place during toasting) in order to achieve the expected improvement in the physical properties and smoking qualities of the total blend.
  9. Worked diligently in opening China for a leading US cigarette manufacturer through arranging exchanges of visits and technical presentations that resulted in signing a Memorandum of Understanding. RESULT: Gave that manufacturer an opportunity to start a long-term mutually beneficial technical cooperation that involved the sales of reconstituted sheet, leaf processing know-how and cigarette manufacturing technology to China for the first time.
50 Years of Progress
A Global Sales and Marketing Organization Since 1986