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Sheikh Coast

ISSCORP(USA) assisted Ernesto Preatoni Immobiliare of Italy and SICOT of Egypt in designing a unique and image-enhancing catalogue to use for sales promotion of Sheikh Coast.  ISSCORP(USA) satisfactorily completed the formidable task of translating and fine tuning of the texts (from Italian into English) as well as selecting and placing the most attractive photos from among the hundreds provided .

EGYPT is a fascinating and magical land, where ancient civilizations lie eternally through precious ruins, attesting to a glorious past. Here, in Egypt's Sharm El Sheikh, the discerning traveler finds the equally enigmatic Sheikh Coast, an exclusive community where nature teases the guest's eye, offering the splendor of the Red Sea with its fantastic colors right next to the desert's arid dunes with its undefined landscapes.
Sheikh Coast

Excerpt from brochure:

SHEIKH COAST has always been called "Prince's Landing", a name given by ancient philosophers to reflect a centuries-old tradition of genuinely warm hospitality. The union of such hospitality with today's modern comforts has given birth to this elegant 10 million square foot resort, where Residences, Apartments, Villas and a five-star hotel harmoniously blend into more than one-and-one-half miles of beautiful Red Sea Coastline.

Sheikh Coast Diving

Excerpt from brochure:

WHETHER you choose to visit the resort to enjoy its luxurious amenities, shop in its wonderful Suk, dive and snorkel among some of the world's most exotic sea creatures or relax after touring the mysterious and biblical treasures of the Middle East, Sheikh Coast will not dissappoint.

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