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Cigarette Product Development Book
Going Global!

In response to the widespread recognition of the English edition, the book is now published in Chinese and Russian making it available to a larger number of readers worldwide.
                                                                     Fawky Abdallah

Winston-Salem, NC., April 3, 2006.  Dr. Fawky Abdallah is president of Fawky Abdallah Company, Inc., an international consulting firm and ISSCORP(USA), a sales and marketing corporation, both operating from Winston-Salem. Starting May 2002, Fawky Abdallah wrote a series of 19 articles in Tobacco Reporter magazine, which covered a range of topics related to cigarette product development and reduced-risk.  Because of increasing demands for reprints, an Agreement was signed with Tobacco Reporter-SpecComm International to publish the series in a book titled Cigarette Product Development. The book was on sale in August 2004.

“The book was the first to cover cigarette product development and the concept of producing reduced-risk or “safer” cigarettes for those who choose to smoke”, Dr. Abdallah stated. He indicated that colleagues and coworkers, especially those involved in R&D, found the book not only a good reference but also an excellent teaching tool for the new generation of tobacco scientists and technologists.  

Dr. Abdallah, who has been in the tobacco business for over 45 years, is a leaf expert by training and received his doctorate degree in cigarette smoke evaluation from NC State University, USA. He is the author of the book “Can Tobacco Quality be Measured?”, published in 1970, as well as numerous technical papers on leaf blending and processing know-how and cigarette manufacturing technology. He is currently writing a new book “Sensory Evaluation of Cigarette Smoke, Principles and Applications”, which is due for publication in 2006.  

Since the publication of Cigarette Product Development, Dr. Abdallah received requests to have it translated and published in Chinese and Russian. “Due to the technical and somewhat complex nature of the subject, I was careful in selecting publishers who could provide the right translation and had the needed distribution capabilities”, Dr. Abdallah said. As a result of his excellent relationship with the Chinese tobacco industry since the early 1980s, he was able to sign an Agreement to have the book translated by the prestigious Yunnan Academy of Tobacco Sciences and published by Yunnan Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd., a leading cigarette manufacturer in China, in coordination with China Tobacco Society. “Being selected Honorary Member of China Tobacco Society in 2004 was a result of years of cooperation with many scientists and colleagues in China’s tobacco industry and research centers, and that helped in reaching this Agreement”, he explained. The Chinese/English Edition of the book is available for sale in China through Hongta Group and China Tobacco Society.

A similar Agreement was reached with “Russian Tobacco Media” Group, publisher of RusTabak magazine, to translate and publish a Russian/English Edition for sales in Russia and other Russian speaking countries. This Edition has been available for sale since October 2005.  “It was important to have a Russian/English Edition to meet the growing independent cigarette business in Russia and other CIS republics after the implementation of the Free Market rules”, Dr. Abdallah explained.

The first English Edition published by Tobacco Reporter did not have the required ISBN number and EAN bar code, therefore, limiting sales to the readers/subscribers of Tobacco Reporter magazine.  Marguerite Abdallah, Vice President, Fawky Abdallah Company and ISSCORP(USA), said “It became clear to us that book wholesalers, distributors and store chains as well as libraries and other institutions cannot carry the book without the ISBN number and EAN barcode”. In the meantime, Dr. Abdallah applied and received the copyright of the book at the US Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, DC and registered the book at the Library of Congress. “By January 2006, the book was assigned the ISBN number and EAN Barcode”, Marguerite stated.
On February 27, 2006, an Agreement was reached between Fawky Abdallah Company, Inc. and Tobacco Reporter-SpecComm International, Inc. to divide the remaining inventory of the Cigarette Product Development book and that each party disburses its possession of books independently. “In preparation for our sales drive of the books in our inventory, the needed information was placed on the back cover of each book”, Dr. Abdallah stated.

“I am proud that my book was well received and very pleased that it is available worldwide.  Our sales effort will include an advertisement that will be placed shortly in major tobacco publications”, Dr. Abdallah concluded.

The book Cigarette Product Development is available for sale either via the website: www.fawkyabdallah.com or by contacting:
Fawky Abdallah Company, Inc., 226 Cedar Trails, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 USA
Phone: (1) 336 765 6600, Fax: (1) 336 765 6471
Attention Dr. Fawky Abdallah: fawky@fawkyabdallah.com
or Marguerite Abdallah: marguerite@fawkyabdallah.com

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