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  • Implementation of advances in leaf processing, especially in blending of sub-blends (flue-cured, burley and
       oriental) and the right inclusion of extenders, including reconstituted sheet (recon), expanded cut tobacco and
       cut-rolled expanded stems, along with the careful selection of compatible processing techniques, especially
       casing, toasting and top flavors
  • Developing a quality cost-effective ABC product requires the right inclusion of a carefully developed recon and a
       properly cased and toasted burley
  • Evaluation of the developed cigarette products using the established in-house adequate sensory testing
       programs that are based on proper test facilities (conditions, methodologies, etc.) and adequate selection,
       training, calibration and use of sensory panels
  • Target
    Establish an effective long-term Product Development program that can be used to create a line of ABC products, ranging from low-price or discount to premium that is up to international standard

    As required on a case-by-case basis

    Adequate coordination and coherent working arrangement between the leaf, processing and product development departments

    50 Years of Progress