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1959 BS Ag & Life Sciences, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
1962 MS Food Flavors, Dept. of Food Technology, Cairo University
1963 Diploma in English Language, American University in Cairo
1973 Ph.D. in Sensory Testing of Cigarette Smoke, Panel Selection, Training And Use, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC USA
1959 - 1969 Eastern Company S.A.E., (Ex. BAT), Egypt. Joined as Leaf Trainee and became Master Blender in charge of product development
1969 - 1973 NC State University, Graduate Assistant
1973 - 1975 NC State University, Director, Smoking Research Laboratory
Consultant: National Cancer Institute, Smoking & Health Program Towards a Less Harmful Cigarette, Federal Trade Commission, Chemical Determination of "Tar in Cigarette Smoke", Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, Determination of Specification of Cigarettes versus Cigars
1975 - 1986 Different positions with the US cigarette and tobacco industry in the areas of sales and technical services
1986 - Present President of ISSCORP(USA), a sales and marketing corporation with branch offices in China and Egypt
President of Fawky Abdallah Company, a consulting service company
1970 - Present Has provided consulting services in leaf blending and processing, sensory testing of cigarette smoke and product development to over 70 clients in more than 30 countries, including the USA.
See Clients & Services Provided for more information.  
1970 - Present Over 30 technical papers presented at national and international professional conferences in the USA, Germany, Austria, Spain, China, Philippines, Malaysia and UAE.
See Professional Presentations for more information.
1970 - Present Over 25 technical seminars on cigarette product development made to clients in the USA, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and China. See Technical Seminars for more information.
1969 A series of articles on the measurement of tobacco quality, published in Tobacco International, New York
1970 The series was compiled in a book: Can Tobacco Quality Be Measured?, published by Lockwood Co., New York. The book led to a scholarship for graduate work towards Ph.D. degree at North Carolina State University, which was completed in 1973.
2002-2003 A series of 16 articles on cigarette product development, published in Tobacco Reporter on a monthly basis starting May 2002 plus three articles on cigarettes acceptability versus safety and the concept of flavorings. The nineteen articles were compiled in the book "Cigarette Product Development" published by Tobacco Reporter in 2004.
2002-2005 Published Papers, See English, Chinese and Russian papers. Book Publications: See English, Chinese and Russian books.
Supplier of technology and know-how in leaf blending and processing of American blended cigarettes with emphasis on burley casing and toasting, as well as straight Virginia cigarettes and other smoking products
Provider of technical assistance in sensory testing of cigarette smoke, covering methods and techniques for panel selection, training, calibration and use along with the design and construction of an adequate Smoke Evaluation Laboratory
Technical Consultant to several U.S. and overseas organizations and some government agencies either on a long-term or short-term basis
Professional speaker at national and international conferences and technical seminars Contributor on Product Development and sensory testing of cigarette smoke to leading tobacco magazines in the USA and other countries, including United Kingdom, Germany, China and Russia.
Dr. Fawky Abdallah is president of Fawky Abdallah Company, Inc., a consultancy service and ISSCORP(USA), an international sales and marketing corporation. He holds a Ph.D. in cigarette smoke evaluation from North Carolina State University, USA and is a highly qualified specialist in tobacco blending, processing, cigarette product development and sensory testing. 
In 1970, Dr. Abdallah wrote his first book Can Tobacco Quality Be Measured?, which put method and order to tobacco quality. 
Recently, he wrote the book Cigarette Product Development, which was published in July 2004, to serve as a reference for current and future generations of co-workers in tobacco science and technology. The book was well received and, by August 2005, a Russian/English Edition and a Chinese/English Edition were published.
Dr. Abdallah is currently writing his third book Sensory Evaluation of Cigarette Smoke, Principles and
, for publication in 2006. 
For over 45 years, Dr. Abdallah has been actively working in cigarette product development and presenting papers at national and international conferences as well as giving seminars and providing technical consulting services in the USA and overseas. His work and publications have earned him recognition by colleagues and fellow scientists in the USA and around the world.
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