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1986 - Present
Vice President and Secretary of Fawky Abdallah Company, Inc., an international consulting firm and ISSCORP(USA), a global sales and marketing corporation.
1978  - 1986
Communication and Administrative Director for Fawky Abdallah Consulting Service
1975 – 1982
Adult Basic Education Instructor for persons with developmental disabilities, Wilson Technical Community College, Wilson, North Carolina
1998 – Present
Adult Basic Education Instructor for persons with developmental disabilities, Forsyth Technical Community College and Group Homes of Forsyth, Inc., Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Carried out the administrative and financial aspects of Fawky Abdallah Company, Inc. and ISSCORP(USA) and its branches in China and Egypt
Reviewed and copy-edited Fawky Abdallah’s presentations, seminars, papers and books
Traveled extensively as a corporate officer since 1986, in the USA and in more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa and participated in sales and marketing of tobacco and a wide range of industrial raw materials, machinery and equipment
Coordinated the after-sale services and worked closely with the banks regarding payment by letter of credit and other venues
Participated in national and international conferences and exhibitions and was in charge of customer relations
Worked with designers in the creation of new packages for cigarettes and snack food products
Worked for over 15 years as an instructor for adults with developmental disabilities
Implemented methods to help adults with developmental disabilities improve their independent living skills in order to reach their full potentia
Managed the sales of American products and raw materials utilizing U.S. export subsidized programs, including:
Sales of Acrylic fibers, paints and hardware to Egypt financed by  the USAID program
Sales of Cyalume’s chemical light line of products to the Egyptian military financed by the FMS program
Coordinated several projects for sales of US tobacco and other materials under the GSM102 and GSM101 programs to qualified countries, including Egypt and Iraq
Worked with Eric Miller & Associates, a New York designer, in the design of corporate logos, brochures and annual reports
Coordinated the company’s project with Ernesto Preatoni Immobiliare, a leading Italian developer to create an exquisite catalogue for sales promotion of Sheikh Coast, an exclusive resort in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Organized the sales of a wide range of Chinese products and raw materials, including tobacco, paints, chemicals, auto parts, hardware, silk rugs and antiques
Led the company’s negotiation with the Egyptian Army and Warner Brothers in the USA for the building of an Amusement Park in Cairo, Egypt
Worked diligently with Eric Miller & Associates of New York, in the development of the package design, logo and tag line for WILSON, a premium cigarette “In A Class of Its Own”, developed by Fawky Abdallah Company, Inc. and manufactured exclusively by ISSCORP(USA)
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