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  • Conducting technical and vocational seminars on cigarette smoke formation and the complexities of its chemical
       analysis versus sensory evaluation
  • Establishing standard test conditions (Smoking Lab), test methods, test materials and test technique
  • Implementing a sensory testing program for panel selection, training and calibration to establish sensory panels
       on several levels: semi-trained, trained and highly trained or expert panel
  • Developing advanced sensory testing programs using one or more of the major test methods, including
       difference, analytical, ranking, rating (scalar) and flavor profile
  • Utilizing the smoking panel, especially the highly-trained or expert panel, as a monitoring device in product
       development parallel to the chemical laboratories
  • Target
    An efficient Sensory Testing Program by standardizing test conditions (Smoking Laboratory), test materials, test methods, test procedures (Smoking Techniques), experimental design and statistical analysis

    As required on a case-by-case basis

    A Smoking Lab, preferably part of the Product Development department, with needed facilities, including preparation and storage area, partitioned smoking booths, conference/discussion area and office.   Blue Prints can be provided if requested.

    50 Years of Progress