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In A Class Of Its Own
Premium American Blend  
WILSON is named after WILSON County in North Carolina, USA, an internationally renowned region for growing superior quality flue-cured tobacco for more than 100 years and, for decades, was the largest tobacco market in
the world.

WILSON is developed exclusively for ISSCORP(USA) by Dr. Fawky Abdallah, a recognized authority with 50 years of experience in leaf blending and processing know-how and cigarette manufacturing technology, especially those of the American type.

WILSON is a balanced blend of carefully selected tobaccos from 25 of the leading tobacco growing countries, including tobacco from WILSON County, North Carolina, USA.

WILSON is a premium American blend cigarette (ABC) manufactured utilizing specially developed casings and flavorings, advanced leaf processing know-how and the most up-to-date cigarette manufacturing technology.

Premium American Blend

WILSON’s processing employs state-of-the-art flavoring techniques that allow for second-hand
smoke to be relatively more pleasant than that of other premiums.

WILSON is made fresh, unlike other premiums, which are usually made of stored
semi-manufactured cut-rag.

WILSON’s non-tobacco ingredients (additives) are all guaranteed GRAS (Generally Recognized
As Safe) and approved by pertinent health authorities, including CoE (Council of Europe)
and CDC (Center for Disease Control) in USA. All such ingredients are being reported, on a
yearly basis, to the Office of Smoking & Health at CDC.

WILSON’s impressive design of pack and carton, with distinguished eye-appealing colors and
authentic logo, reflects heritage and sets it apart from other premium brands. Click here to see
enlarged images.

Gold is a premiun cigarette developed for those who like an ABC with a good
Virginia taste.


WILSON’s name, logo and package design is a trademark registered in the name of FMA
International Sales & Service Corporation, trading as ISSCORP(USA), at the Patent &
Trademark Office (PTO) in Washington, DC, and as such, this trademark is protected in the
USA and over 40 other countries. More Information

WILSON has the necessary Universal Product Code (UPC) on the pack, carton and case
registered by ISSCORP(USA) as a member of the US Uniform Code Council.

Mild Virginia Tasts

WILSON’s target end-users are middle to high income professionals age 25 to 50 who enjoy
the finer things in life and if they smoke, they are inclined to choose a brand that is classy
and above the mainstream brands.

WILSON’s smoking qualities match or surpass those of leading premium brands, as per the
results of independent taste testing conducted in the USA and Europe.

Fine Virginia Taste

WILSON is very cost-effective, allowing for greater margins to wholesalers, distributors and
retailers as well as innovative incentives and sales promotional items.

WILSON is a premium American-type brand that meets international standard and is sold
with a unique marketing theme: “In A Class Of Its Own”.

Premium American-type Brand

sets a protocol for smoking, which emphasizes that:
spacer• Smoking is a serious health hazard.
spacer• There is no safe cigarette.
spacer• The only safe way is not to smoke.
spacer• Smoking is addictive and if a person chooses to smoke, he or she should do so responsibly.

WILSON was first introduced to the U.S. market on March 21, 1996, during a special meeting
of the WILSON Chamber of Commerce, WILSON, North Carolina. More Information

For those who enjoy the finer things in life.

50 Years of Progress